Strengthening Indo-German Ties: The Indo-German Young LeadersForum and Global Bridges Forge Partnership
The Indo-German Young Leaders Forum and Global Bridges announce cooperation
to promote bilateral relations between Germany and India

[April 26th 2024, Berlin, Germany] - The Indo-German Young Leaders Forum (IGYLF) and
Global Bridges are delighted to announce that they have joined forces to promote
dialogue between Indian and German Young Leaders and to foster a sustainable
network of future decision-makers from both countries.

Since 2016, the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum has been instrumental in bringing
together aspiring young leaders from both nations, providing a platform for meaningful
exchange and collaboration on bilateral issues as well as key global challenges. Global
Bridges has over a decade of experience in successfully organizing Young Leaders
Conferences with China, the U.S. and European countries, as well as in building a stable
and sustainable alumni network, comprising 900 Young Leaders alumni worldwide.

Together, the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum and Global Bridges will jointly
organize annual conferences in India and Germany, increase alumni activities, establish
local chapters, and explore new conference formats. These efforts will culminate in the
creation of a dynamic network of Young Leaders committed to promoting Indo-German
cooperation across various sectors.
“We are delighted to join forces with the well-established Indo-German Young Leaders Forum
and add another exciting conference to our annual program. Together we will be able to
leverage our experience and expertise to build a lasting network of future decision-makersfrom both countries”

says Annunciata von Treu, Deputy Executive Chair at Global Bridges.
“Indo-German relations stand at the forefront of our focus as a volunteer-driven
organization. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Global Bridges,
envisioning a dynamic collaboration that will elevate Indo-German Young Leaders relations to
new heights. Together, we anticipate a flourishing partnership that will not only enhance the
quality and scope of our activities but also contribute to the growing bond between our twonations."

adds Dr. Vishnu Ramdeo, Co-Chairman of the Indo German Young Leaders Forum.

About Indo-German Young Leaders Forum

The relations between Germany and India are characterized by mutual respect, shared
values and partnership. The Indo-German Young Leaders Forum is a nonprofit,
nonpartisan organization based in India and Germany. Its goal is to further foster this
important geopolitical relationship on eye-level. The initiative was founded in early 2016
as an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit platform in order to:
About Global Bridges

Global Bridges is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Berlin and has a long
tradition of organizing Young Leaders Conferences. Its objective is to build bridges
between countries, industries, political camps as well as aspiring and experienced
leaders. The Global Bridges network comprises around 400 members and more than
900 Young Leaders Alumni worldwide.
Global Bridges’ Young Leaders Program, which arose from the idea of creating a
long-lasting forum for exchange and discussion for Young Leaders between the ages of
25 and 40, thus far includes the annual European-American and German-Chinese Young
Leaders Conferences.
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